My Slow Living Journey: Visual Tour Of My Home


Welcome to my home…let me take you on a visual home tour, a slow living journey where all things come together in an imperfectly perfect way.

My slow living journey started a few years ago. In fact, my stumbling upon a blog by Joshua Becker led me to Decluttering and Minimalism. 

As I progressed in my Minimalism journey and a Decluttering mindset, life became relaxed and intentional. 

My outlook towards life completely changed as I started living a less hectic lifestyle. My slow living journey is a work in progress but I cannot think of going back to my crazy, hectic life.

Decor plays an important part in my slow living lifestyle as the relaxed ambience encourages me and brings Peace and Harmony to my Home. 

Here, I am sharing a few images from my Home.

Welcome to the visual tour of my relaxed Home….

Buddha statue and Plants….

This pretty arrangement exudes a sense of calm…

Cane, Sea shells from my beach vacation…

A huge fan of natural materials, I believe in an eco- friendly lifestyle and try to show case these beauties all over my Home. 

Scented Candles….

Once in a while, I do like to indulge myself and love the soothing Lavander aroma…relaxing 

Reading corner…

Cozy Journaling Nook…

Decluttered Living Room…an Indian Summer Look

Votive, meditation inspiration….calm decor

Focussing on nutrition….Health is Wealth 

Cooking Healthy meals… 

Fresh Indian bread (Paranthas)..

More bread (Naan)…

Taking some Time out to enjoy a cup of Coffee…

Spending time with my plants…in the balcony…

Relaxing with bric a brac….Ganesha figurines

Soothing candles at night….so calming

Diwali inspiration….magical

Enjoying an unhurried pace of Life….

With vintage flat ware

Hope you enjoyed this Visual Tour of My Slow Living Journey. I loved sharing a part of my Slow and Relaxed Life with you all. Do comment and let me know.

All the pictures have been clicked by me at Home. If you plan to use them, do mention the source. 

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