Planning to keep Navratri Fast? 5 Foods To Eat During Navratra Season


                              Durga Maa 

Navratri festival is observed twice in an year.

The Autumn Navratri honors Maa Durga who killed a demon after a battle that lasted 9 days and nights. 

Therefore Pujas are performed for 9 days and nights. Durga Maa is worshipped in her various forms during these 9 days. 

It concludes with Vijaya Dashami (Dusshera) when the deity is submerged in water( visarjan) bidding her adieu. 

Navratri is a festival symbolizing the victory of Good over Evil. 

Devotees observe a fast for whole 9 days of the duration of the festival. 

Some observe the first and last fast. There are strict restrictions about what can be consumed during the 9 days.

There is also a scientific reason to the food restrictions. As we see a change of season during this time, the body prepares to adjust. The food restrictions help in preparing our bodies for the change.

Here are 5 common and easily available food items that you can incorporate into your fasting diet.

1● Sabudana( sago)

This is made out of Tapioca roots. The roots are cleaned, peeled and the starch is extracted. It is processed and made into different sizes of Pearls. The final product looks like this…

Sabudana is easily available and can be turned into mouthwatering dishes. 

You can make Sabudana Khichadi, Tikki or Kheer.

● Sabudana Khichadi 

This is a Savory dish and a complete meal in itself. It is light and easy to digest. 

          Source: Swasti’s Kitchen

Sabudana Tikki 

Tikki are small, Savory cutlets. Yummy and go well at Tea time.

They taste best when fried but you can air fry them also for a low calorie version. 

          Source: istock images

Sabudana Kheer


This light weight Kheer ( pudding) is a perfect Dessert for fasting season.

It can be made with simple ingredients and digested easily. 

2● Nuts

You can eat Nuts as a light snack or use it for cooking. 

Remember do not consume too much as it can produce heat in the body.

Roasted Peanuts is a great option to eat as a snack or it can be added to Savory Sabudana items.

A few soaked Almonds in the morning will boost your energy and well-being. 

3● Makhana ( Fox nuts)

● Roasted Makhana 

Roasted Makhana make an excellent light and filling snack.

Remember to use Rock salt ( Sendha namak) and not sea salt due to fast restrictions. 

● Makhana Chivda 

Very easy to make, nutritious and filling. 

Gently saute the Makhana in some Ghee. Add sauté Peanuts, Cashew and Almonds. Sprinkle some rock salt.

You can add Red chilli powder/ Black Pepper powder or roasted Cummin powder also.

● Makhana Kheer( pudding)

Makhana Kheer is vary easy to make. Here is my recipe:

Ingredients (serves 2)

● Phool Makhana 

Ordered a packet of Phool Makhana on Big Basket ( online delivery service)

● Full cream Milk

● Sugar

● Dry fruits like Raisins, Almonds and Cashew( optional)

● Green Cardamom/powder 


Chop 1/2 cup of Phool Makhana 

Saute in 1/2 tsp Ghee. Keep aside.

In a pan boil 2/1 cups of Milk.

Now add the Makhana and cook on medium for 10 minutes. Make sure to stir from time to time to avoid sticking to the pan. Do not cover and cook.

Add 2 tbsp Sugar( or to taste). You can completely avoid it if you don’t consume Sugar. 

Now add the dry fruits ( keep some for garnishing)

Cook for a minute till everything mixes. Pour  in a bowl and garnish with the dry fruits. 

Yummy Makhana Kheer is ready…eat it hot or cold!

Add a cardmom( crushed) or a pinch of Cardamom powder. 

4● Potato 

Versatile, easy to cook,tasty, easily available and inexpensive…Potatoes are a very popular part of Navratri food.

Sprinkle boiled Potato with Rock salt, roasted Cummin powder, Black Pepper, dry Mango powder…low fat dish is ready!

5● Fresh Fruits 

You can eat Fresh fruits during the Navratri fast. It is a simple and practical way to ward off hunger and provide needed nutrients to the body. 

Apples, Pears and Pomogranates are easily available during this season. 

Banana are quite popular during Navratri fasts and provide instant energy. 

Pomogranates are very healthy and make a good snack. 

Just remember not to consume too many fruits. Have 2-3 servings of your favorite fruits. 

These are some of my favorites. You can make Kuttu Atta puris, pancakes and Samay Rice( these are different from normal rice) pulao with various vegetables. 

You can eat a variety of vegetables too( avoid Capsicum, Mushrooms)

Foods to avoid during Navratri fast :



Salt( use only Rock salt or Sendha namak)







Flour( Maida)

No outside processed food




Cooking medium: Use only Ghee/peanut oil

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