Easy DIY You must try for Diwali

Ever wondered what to do with packaging materials? This Diwali I have decided to use Burlap cloth(Jute material), Paper bags and Honey comb packaging material for my Diwali Decor.

Online shopping comes with its own issues like packaging. Though it is not possible to do away with it entirely, this year I have decided to use it creatively for Diwali.

One fine day, as I sat wondering about recycling the packaging materials and Brown paper bags from my local grocery, it came to my mind to do something different this Diwali. The more I applied my mind, the ideas kept coming and led to some interesting and pretty outcome.

Hope you will enjoy this journey with me and get some incentive to repurpose this Diwali.

  1. Diwali Decor with Burlap cloth
  2. Reusing Paper Bags
  3. Repurposing Honeycomb packaging material.

Diwali Decor with Burlap cloth

Burlap Diwali Decor

After a lot of brainstorming, I decided to upcycle Burlap cloth as a table runner. Here, neither did I stitch nor use any glue. The idea was to use it in its natural, elegant form to make a statement.

Things that I used :

Burlap cloth (jute)

Burlap cloth material

Bowls for Diwali eats ( pre-owned)

Pre- owned pottery vases

String of fairy lights

Method :

You can use any table, big or small for this arrangement. All the products are kid and pet friendly. Fairy lights do not get hot. It is advisable to use a high table.

First, I arranged the Burlap cloth pieces. Then I placed the bowls for the finger food/dry fruits/Savory/sweets. Added a couple of vases to add to the ethnic and natural look. The blue pottery and the stone pottery look so stunning. A string of Fairy lights completes the Diwali look.

Earthy Decor

Reusing Paper bags

Wondering what to do with Paper Bags from the fruit and vegetable vendors, I hit upon the idea to reuse it as gift wrap.

Glitter for Diwali look
Paper bags

Things I have used:

Paper bags

Some glitter and paint


To give it a Diwali festive feel, I decided to use some glitter and paint. The end result is pretty stunning.

Dressed up for Diwali

Repurposing Honey comb packaging material

As I stood wondering how to use the Honey comb packaging material for Diwali, an idea struck me…

Honey comb lamp

Things I have used:

Honey comb packaging

Honey comb packaging material

A deep stone bowl

A string of fairy lights

Stone bowl, fairy lights,Burlap table runner


Here, I decided to use the fairy lights in a deep stone bowl and covered it with the honey comb packaging. The effect was stunning as the light reflecting from the honey comb packaging gave a very surreal feel.

This Diwali is dedicated to reuse, repurpose and recycle. My aim is to use already existing items at Home, as much as possible and limiting my Diwali shopping.

Honey comb glow

All the pictures have been clicked by me at my Home. If you want to use any, do mention the source.

Hope you liked my Eco-friendly and sustainable Diwali Decor ideas. Do let me know your ideas in the comments. Let’s celebrate the beautiful and auspicious Festival of Lights, Diwali in a conscious manner. Each one of us is capable of contributing to the well-being of our Earth.

Wishing you all a very Happy and Safe Diwali.

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