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7 Diwali Lights For The Festive Season

The Festive season is here and you can feel it in the air. With the onset of this season, we have various vibrant Festivals one after the other. It culminates with the Festival Of Lights, Diwali.

As most of us are working either from Home or from Office, time is at a premium. With our hectic schedules, it becomes difficult to visit the markets for Diwali Decor.

Online shopping is a very good option nowadays. Here, I have researched 10 products that you can buy for your Home this Diwali.

My advice is to book them on time as the deals are so tempting and the products might get out of stock.

My Diwali Shopping from Amazon

1● Multicolored silicone Flower Fairy string lights

Here is a real time picture of the fairy lights at my Home. I am very Happy with this product.

Product details:

Brand: X4Cart

Indoor, outdoor decoration for Diwali, wedding, party.

Product: 14 LED 3 meter Series Lights for festival Home decoration.

Corded electric, easy installation, does not heat up even after hours of use. Safe to touch, easy to bend, Children and Pet friendly.

Made in India, reasonably priced at ₹99 on sale for Diwali, looks very pretty as you can make out from my picture above.

2● Miniso vanilla scented Candles

This picture was clicked by me at my Home. I am very satisfied with this product. The vanilla scent is very pleasant. Smart product.

Product details :

Brand: Miniso

Indoor, outdoor decor for Diwali and other occasions like party and wedding.

Product: Vanilla Latte scented Candle. Comes in a compact, smart and stylish glass jar. Makes a great gift.

The Candle can burn for 35 hrs according to the manufacturer. The wax is palm wax, all natural and safe, it does not emit black smoke on burning.

The Vanilla aroma is refreshing and fills the space with a stress free and relaxed vibe.

Miniso has a variety of aroma candles to choose from. They are reasonably priced at ₹189 a piece as part of Diwali sale.

I am looking forward to using them for Diwali and also gifting them to my family.

3● Solimo Votive scented Candles

These pretty candles are perfect for Diwali. I am going to use them with rangoli.

Product details:

Brand: Amazon Brand Solimo

Product : Solimo scented Votive glass candles, pack of 6. These have 3 amazing aromas: Jasmine, Lemon Grass and Sandalwood.

Long lasting candles with high grade wax, can burn upto 10 hrs, according to the manufacturer and does not emit smoke.

The candles come in 3 fragrances: Jasmine, brings a sense of calm, Lemon Grass is refreshing and Sandalwood is sweet, woody, Indian and brings about warmth.

These are reasonably priced with 40% off due to Diwali. As they are small in size they can be displayed in any area or combined with rangoli.

Enjoy a fragrant Diwali

4● Lexton 40 feet LED decorative string light

Very pretty and long string lights for indoor/outdoor

Product details:

According to the manufacturer, this beautiful string of warm white light is 40 feet long.

I am going to use this outdoors for Diwali as the length is good for covering a large area. As it is corded electric, it can be easily installed outdoors.

It is energy efficient and waterproof, comes with a 3 month warranty. Reasonably priced at ₹ 179, it is worth the money. I got it at ₹ 169 in Deal of the Day offer.

5● Jaipur Ace Diwali Matki Diya

Product details:

These Matka Diyas are so pretty and add to the festive decor.

Traditional handmade Terracotta Clay wax Diya.

I am very happy with this product and looking forward to decorate my Home on Diwali.

All the diyas came in good condition and I must complement the retailer for putting a lot of effort in packaging.

Multicolored, 4 piece Handi Diyas for Diwali. They are bright and attractive, reasonably priced at ₹199.

6● Classic handmade and hand colored diyas/lamps by TIED RIBBONS


Product details:

Traditional handmade wax lamps. Multicolored clay 10 handmade diyas.

Size: length 5 cms, width 5 cms, height 2.5 cms

You can use these pretty lamps for any occasion. They can be used both indoors or outdoors.

I am planning to decorate my Home with these attractive diyas on Diwali.

They make an ideal gift as they come in a Gift Box.

I am very happy with the condition of the diyas. The retailer has made a lot effort to package they well.

According to the manufacturer, these diyas do not give out harmful fumes and last a long time.

7● IRIS Tea Lights

Product details:

Unscented Tea Lights pack of ten.

These Tea Lights are from a reputable company and as their other products, very popular.

These Tea Lights are very versatile and can be used to enhance any area outdoors or indoors.

According to the manufacturer, they are safe and do not emit harmful chemicals. Also they burn for a pretty long time.

I am planning to use them in my Diwali Decor. They can be used as floating candles also.

IRIS Tea light arrangement at my Home

I am very satisfied with the above Amazon products for Diwali and look forward to decorate my Home.

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