Review: Gaiatop Fairy Wand

Product details:

Recently, I came across this very cute and handy portable fan that was on my bucket list for a while and immediately ordered it on Amazon.

This Fairy Wand has been manufactured by Gaiatop. It comes in multi colors. I wanted a pink colored one and love it.

● The manufacturer describes it as Mute,Windy and Portable. After using it ,I totally agree with this description.

● Size is very compact and it can easily be carried around in your hand bag. Also it fits snugly in the palm of your hand and can be used conveniently.

● Interface is a Micro-USB, charging time is about 2.5 hours, Power: 4W

Motor type is Brushless motor, battery type is Lithium battery.

● It has 3 speeds and I have found it lives up to its claims.

● As it is light weight, your hands don’t feel any discomfort.

● I got a very good deal during the Amazon sale and it is definitely value for money.

● It comes in various colors and you can pick one that suits your taste.

● Personally I am very happy with its performance and would definitely suggest it.

Pro Tip :

It makes an excellent and thoughtful gift. Surprise your Wife/Mom/Grandmother/Aunt and they will thank you. Provides relief during very bothersome and terrible hot flashes during Menopause. You can make their lives a bit comfortable by gifting them Gaiatop Portable Fairy Wand.

A stylish and thoughtful gift indeed.

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