Diwali images from my Home

Diwali images and vignettes

The Festival of Lights, Diwali has just gone by. The sheer excitement of this auspicious and joyous Festival has filled up our lives and spread cheer far and near.

Here, I would love to share a few Diwali images and vignettes from my Home. Join me on a visual tour of my Diwali Home…

Diya, Ganesha and Lantern

The warm glow of the Diya and the Lantern adds to the Diwali cheer. The Terracotta Ganeshas complete the picture.

Lanterns and Ganeshas

I just enjoyed putting up this arrangement and was pleased with the result! The Green and Red glow created a dreamy ambience.

Table setting for Diwali eats

This charming table arrangement was perfect to serve Diwali sweets and Savouries. Traditional Indian pottery served as perfect Diwali Decor. The Blue pottery and Stoneware bowl are from Rajasthan (India) and the Terracotta vases are from Gujarat (India)

Here, I decided to repurpose packaging material (Burlap cloth) as a table runner!

Floating candle

This arrangement transformed the space magically…so serene and soothing..almost meditative.

Matka Diyas

Can’t have enough of these pretty Terracotta Matka Diyas!

Homemade Diwali Sweets

Diwali is incomplete without Homemade traditional Diwali sweets. Here are Ladoo and Burfi (Indian dessert) served on a platter with Ganesha and earthern oil Diya.

Saffron Rice Kheer

Homemade Kheer( Rice pudding) infused with Saffron from Kashmir (India)…absolutely delicious.

Hope you enjoyed these Diwali images from my Home. Do let me know in the comment section.

Do mention the source if you use any of the above pictures.

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