Easy Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas


Thanksgiving is celebrated to express gratitude for the harvest, the family or to a higher power.

It’s a holiday cherishing being with family and friends and enjoying delicious food together.

Here are a few easy, budget friendly, DIY Table Decor ideas to make your feast stand out.

Most of the products used in these ideas are sourced from within my home. Only additional items are fresh fruits.

As, all these pictures have been clicked by me at my Home, do mention the source if you intend to use them.

My main focus is to liven up your table and create a chic setting without spending much. As many of us are feeling the pinch of high prices, hyperinflation and cost of living crisis, these simple tips will not cost much. Point is to use whatever is available in your home and display them.

The common thread in the displays is:

Use of Table Runner

Use of Place Mats

Fresh Fruits

Vintage, inherited cutlery/flatware

Cloth napkins

Effortlessly Chic

A simple yet Chic Table setting using Apples, a seasonal fruit. Here, my aim is to make fruits a part of Decor.

This Vintage Silver, Cutlery set has been in the family for many generations and is used every Thanksgiving, without fail.

Here, I have used a stoneware bowl for the Apples, the cotton napkins display Autumn leaves and the table runner holds the warm, cozy look together.

A burst of color…

Bright and vibrant Coimbatore cotton tablecloth sets the ambience here.

The delicately embroidered ,cross stitch napkins have been made painstakingly by some spunky women from a self help group.

The nature provides a bouquet of color in the form of fresh fruits. Perfect ambience for Thanksgiving.

Holly sets the mood

Holly patterned place mats set the Thanksgiving mood …

Here, I have created a variety of settings by just mix and match.

Add some Crystal glasses for wine and you are set to go!

Scented Candles and Christmas ornaments look so pretty on the Thanksgiving Table.

Yummy Savory Pie is easy to make and absolutely impressive.

Serve this easy and delicious Pie to your friends and family on Thanksgiving.

Homemade Chocolate Cake is the perfect Dessert….yummy

Add foliage, fairy lights to a Crystal vase and you have an easy DIY for a dreamy Thanksgiving Dinner.

These are my original, easy, DIY ideas to help you navigate your Thanksgiving Event like a breeze.

With these tips you are sure to garner plenty of complements and impress everyone on a budget without breaking the bank.

I hope you will get some inspiration for the upcoming festive season from my experiments. Do let me know in the comments section, would love to know.

These table setting ideas can be used for Christmas and New Year celebrations also. So, starting from Thanksgiving to Christmas and uptill New Year, this Tablescape will stand you in good stead.

Enjoy the festive season with this very original Tablescape. Happy Thanksgiving and a Peaceful Christmas to all!

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