Easy, Budget friendly Christmas Decor DIY

Hey friends, it’s the Season of Magic again…Christmas is round the corner and it’s time to deck up our Homes!

Let me show you a few ideas to add panache to your Home without spending too much and ending in debt. Yes, just few easy, doable, fun, sustainable and budget friendly DIY Christmas Decor ideas to amp up your Christmas ambience.

All this on a shoe string budget…come join me on the fun journey. I am sure by the end of it, you will seriously want to adopt these ideas into your Christmas decorations.

How are these DIY different?


Recycled material

Budget friendly


Personal touch



Lovely, isn’t it?

Here, I have used Burlap cloth (Jute packaging material) that had come with an online delivery. So, I decided to wrap up Christmas gifts in it. This way, I have made use of packaging material to reduce my carbon footprint. Burlap cloth is made of jute which is a natural material.

Burlap cloth

Cool idea, isn’t it? Now for those who are the uninitiated, you can tell them about reuse, recycle, repurpose. Its a great way to teach your kids too. In fact, the children are very interested and enthusiastic about eco friendly options. Involve your children in this project.

Christmas ornaments from packing material

Best out of waste…made Christmas ornaments from packaging material that had come along with Ice-cream online.

I saved the packaging and immediately envisioned cutting it into pretty Stars and Christmas trees.

Pretty Stars and Homemade Pie

Warm Homemade Apple Pie, DIY stars, cloth napkin and ribbon (reused)

Lets face it, everyone is facing the pinch with rising prices but it need not be a dampner. A little tweaking here and there and a bit of inguinity and creativity can transform any space magically.

Also, let’s inculcate the spirit of thrifting into our festivities and the Earth will thank us.

Reused Kitchen bottles

Looks ethereal, right?… bring about magic by using bottles of various sizes from your Kitchen. Here, I have made a festive arrangement by using bottles, Ribbons, fairy lights, flower Tiara and DIY Silver stars. Basically, I have shopped my Home and assembled them for a bespoke look.

Pretty Christmas Party Table

Jazz up your Home space for Christmas..here, I have used a Deep Red Velvet running fabric as a table drape..added a few glasses, bowl, lantern and fairy lights and the look is stunning. The best part is, I shopped my own Home for this set up!

I encourage you to look for objects from your Home before buying everything new…save your money in these high inflationary times. Do not go into debt to celebrate any occasion. Enjoy a DIY, homemade, handcrafted Christmas to the fullest.

Did you like my ideas and the pictures I have curated from my Home? Looking forward to your comments…Merry Christmas to one and all.

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