5 Budget friendly tips to reuse clothes this Wedding Season.

             My Mother’s real zari vintage saree

 As the wedding season is upon us, the most unnerving part is what to wear! Here I have compiled 5 Budget Friendly Tips which you can adopt to look stylish and sophisticated. Additionally, you are doing the environment a favor by reusing your clothes and also most importantly, saving a ton of money!

1. Review Your Wardrobe. 
Seriously, it’s time to Review all your clothes, which include those forgotten and pushed behind, away from sight. 
We have enough clothes to tide over a few wedding seasons. 
Don’t bother if you repeat a look. See, no one will remember. Enjoy the festivities, reuse your clothes. Reusing clothes is a sign of confidence and you are making a statement.  This way you might inspire others to do the same. 
2. Vintage sarees are a style statement. 
At the beginning of the article, I have posted a picture of a saree from my mother’s wedding collection. The silk is pure and the silver Zari authentic. 
This season I wore it to a friend’s daughter’s wedding and it became a conversation piece. So, don’t shy away from old passed on sarees. Firstly, no one will be wearing a similar saree  and moreover you can bet on getting a ton of compliments. 
3. Don’t Shy away from Mix and Match. 

                     source : Pinterest 

Here, your creativity can create an absolutely stunning look. Use your basic blouses with various skirts, sarees or even sharara. You can pair crop tops and fancy stylish tops from the brand H&M with various lehengas, sarees and skirts. Believe me, it will be the complete makeover. Use various accessories to create different looks.
4. Reuse your Bridal Dupatta. 

                      source : Pinterest 

If you have a bridal heavy dupatta, use it frequently by pairing it with plain suits, sharara and garara. Bridal outfits should be used and not stored away after the wedding. This way you will have the satisfaction of reusing things and do away with the need to buy new. 
5. Turn your sarees into lehengas instantly. 

                     source : Pinterest 

You can turn your sarees into the lehenga look instantly.  This is becoming very popular. Tired of wearing the same saree? Drape the saree like a lehenga pair it with a stunning top, can mix and match a dupatta and you have a whole new outfit. 
Review Your Wardrobe from time to time without spending your hard-earned money on new clothes, everytime you have to attend an event. By using these tips you will definitely make heads turn and be prepared for complements.

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