Correct way of eating fruits| FAQs

 Consuming Fresh fruits is associated with good health and wellness. 

However,we should keep a few tips in mind about the amount, time, way and type of fruits to get optimum health benefits. 

Review Paradise explores the variety of FAQs related to eating Fresh fruits for best results in its self care series. 

1. What is the proper way to consume fruits?

Eat whole fruits and not in the form of juices.This way you will get the benefits of minerals and vitamins. Also,the fiber in the fruits will help in smooth bowels. 

2. What is the best time to eat fruits?

In the morning or as a mid meal snack. You can eat fruits one hour before or one hour after meals. This gap will help you assimilate fruits better in your system and all minerals and vitamins can be absorbed properly. 

3. Can we eat fruits with our meals?

According to Ayurveda, mixing fruits with meals can result in fermentation in the stomach. This can be counterproductive as it could lead to digestive problems like bloating, flatulence, acidity, heartburn and in some cases diarrhoea. 

4. What kind of fruits should be eaten?

It all depends on a person’s tolerance level to certain fruits. If we observe carefully, we come to understand what fruits suit us best. Some fruits agree with us, while certain fruits could lead to some discomfort. It’s a way of trial and error. 

Try to eat seasonal and local fruits as they will be tastier and healthier. 

5. How much fruit should we eat?

Again, it depends on individual preference. Some people can digest large portions of fruit in one go. Personally I prefer eating smaller portions. 

Eat one or two servings of seasonal, locally available fruits daily. 

6. Can we combine a number of fruits?

Best way to consume fruits is to eat one variety at a time. In my own experience over the last few years, I have come to realize what my body responds to best.

A. Eat one variety at a time.

B. Chew it well.

C. Eat whole fruits and don’t juice it.

D. Eat one hour before meals. 

E. No fruit chaat for me as it makes me uncomfortable. 

F. Eat a small portion. 

G. Don’t eat only fruits the whole day. I like to eat normal, home-cooked,simple meals. Fruits are only consumed as a mid day snack.

H. To each his/her own. Listen to your body, you will realize what fruits suit you. Not everyone is comfortable with all fruits. I stick to a few fruits that I feel comfortable after eating. Some fruits don’t suit me as I tend to get acidity and digestive issues. Here,I don’t want to name any particular fruits that have caused me issues as our bodies react differently. What doesn’t suit me might work perfectly with you.

I. Over the years, I have made it a point to buy only seasonal and preferably local produce when ever possible for my family. It tastes fresh and saves me money. 

Fresh, Juicy Apricots from the Himalayas in India.

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