Weight Loss Tips : Watermelons 🍉

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Don’t like what you see after the winter clothes are out?
Want to shed winter weight?
Seriously, Watermelons can help you achieve your aim of shedding weight without compromising on the nutrition.
Personally, I am an advocate of self love and self care. I do not endorse any fad diets and starving to loose weight. 
Here are a few simple and healthy tips to shed the extra winter weight. 

   This cannot be emphasized enough! You are ultimately your body and mind. Do not starve yourself to loose those extra pounds. 

   You are too precious. Always have a balanced diet and eat simple meals. Otherwise in the long run you will face major health issues. 
So, how can eating Watermelons help in our weight loss journey?
Here, I suggest caution, but first let’s find out the benefits of Watermelons. 

Enough literature is available on the benefits of Watermelons on the internet. My aim is to explain everything in a simple, easy to understand manner. 
Here are a few benefits of Watermelons:
● Watermelons are rich in hydration, vitamins, minerals and have anti- oxidant properties. 
●  Watermelons are supposed to be helpful in prevention of heart disease, cancer, lowering of blood pressure by aiding the body to remove free radicals.
● It is helpful in combating obesity and weight issues. 
● Aids Digestion and prevents constipation. Due to its high water content and fibre, it helps in dealing with constipation. 
● A healthy gut will automatically lead to a glowing skin as we know skin and toxin removal are related.
My focus is about the benefits of Watermelons in context of weight reduction. 

● Watermelons are 90% water, and 100g has only 30 calories. 
● It can satisfy a sweet tooth due to it’s natural sugars.
● Hydration is very important for optimum functioning of a healthy body. 
● As Watermelons are 90% water, provide electrolytes like potassium, it is a great snack choice for the summer months. 
● Eating Watermelons makes you feel full, therefore making them a healthy snack option. 

● Never overeat! You have to follow portion control. 
● I am against any Watermelon Diet that requires you to eat only Watermelons through out the day for a specific amount of time to loose weight. 
● Do not follow this kind of harmful advice. The best way to eat Watermelons is when you either eat a medium sized bowl for breakfast or if you feel like eating snacks. Just eat a small bowl of Watermelon in place of any junk food.
● You must eat normal, simple, nutritious home cooked food also.
● Eating Watermelons should only be a part of your diet and not the entire diet.
● Since childhood, I was taught that Watermelons should strictly be eaten only when they are in season otherwise they will be harmful for your health. I follow this rule strictly and eat them only in summer. 
● Another strict rule at home while growing up was never to drink water immediately after eating Watermelons. There is definitely some scientific reason behind it as this knowledge has been passed for generations in every family I know. I am very strict about this with my daughter and she also follows this.
● You might wonder that how come people mix ice or water to make Watermelon juice. Some even consume them as smoothies. Personally, I do not feel comfortable with mixing and do not recommend it. If you are ok with mixing, go ahead and feel free to consume it the way you desire to.
● I would suggest eating chunks of Watermelon rather than having it in the form if juice.

There are different types of Watermelons like cantaloupe, honey dew, cucumber etc and they come in a number of colors like red, yellow etc.
I prefer the local Indian variety that is available only during the summer. 


   This the a local variety of Watermelon, only available during the summer. 

While selecting Watermelons, look for firm, heavy and symmetrical one without soft spots. My local fruitseller knows which one is sweet by sheer experience!

Never overeat, always follow portion control. 
In case of Diebetes, eat within permissible limits ( this is for all fruits)
As in the case of all foods, some people might be allergic to Watermelons. 
So go ahead and make Watermelons a part of your daily diet this summer season and enjoy the refreshing taste. 

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